Your brain is the first organ and part of your body that understands dehydration. Since about 5% of brain tissue is made up of water, it is essential to get enough water. Water deficiency causes a set of disorders that affect many of the essential areas of survival, as well as lowering short-term memory efficiency and impairing the ability to concentrate. Drinking water is very closely linked to your mental health, getting rid of toxins and dead cells by drinking it will balance the chemical processes of the body and cause mental rebooting. Your brain needs hydration to function properly. The cells in this organ need a fine balance between water and other elements to function. Even mild dehydration has an immediate negative impact on brain fluid balance. This can make it difficult for you to remember the main things, remind them, and create long-lasting memories. Sufficient water helps you react faster. Those who drank enough water before they started mental activity were 5 percent faster than those who did not drink water.

 One thing you should be aware of is that when you wake up, be sure to drink water. This is the moment of the day when your brain cells need to be hydrated and only water can supply it, not coffee and tea. Remember that drinking water is the best way to relieve anxiety and stress.